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New economic model for media trust

DCM token

Is a utility token that gives you access to unique functionality and new value for the digital Media Industry.

Economy Creation

Token serves as the means for Value Exchange through Creating, Buying, and Selling the product (Content).

Frictionless Transactions

Token serves as the means for Value Exchange through Creating, Buying, and Selling the product (Content).

Business needs

First and foremost, the token utility addresses the top three business needs in the media industry. It is used to:

Create, sell, and publish digital media content

Protect and certify digital media content

Promote any and all types of media content

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* For more information on the innovative uses of our token please refer to our whitepaper

White Paper


DCM Tokens

DCM tokens serve as a reward for the media industry stakeholders engaged in diverse processes, amongst which the most fundamental one is verification of perceived information credibility.

Native token

DCM is the native token of the DCM protocol. It is a utility token, used to access a wide range of tools for: content ownership and copyright protection; content creation, management and exchange; and promotion and delivery (publication) of various content types and formats.

Marketplace platform users will use DCM tokens to work with the protocol.

Fees collected

Fees collected in DCM go to dedicated reward pools and/or are distributed among the respective participants of the executed scenarios based on their reputation and performance to encourage further network activity for resilience of trust and efficiency of the Media Industry processes.




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Credibility Verification Integration

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